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We work to make the biggest possible impact.

Most large companies are already promising to take action on climate change. That’s because “sustainability” is a popular selling point for investors, customers, and staff.

But the gap between what they say and what they do is often vast.

At Action Speaks Louder, we identify the companies which can make the greatest impact. When these companies stop using fossil fuels, power their operations with wind and solar and use their influence to accelerate rather than slow change, the payoff spans the planet.

The companies we focus on:

Major companies with a gap between what they do and say on climate (the do/say gap).

Companies requiring huge amounts of energy to power their operations and supply chains. By holding them accountable to their promises, we can press for a rapid shift away from polluting fossil fuels and an acceleration to 100% renewable energy — focused on wind and solar power.

Companies which can use their influence to advocate to policymakers for stronger, more equitable, action on climate and an acceleration of wind and solar.

Companies which make the products we use every day. No company, no matter how powerful, can operate without its customers. That’s you. That’s us.

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