Thank you for your interest in the Cameras Don’t Lie photo competition. Entry has now closed.

Technical requirements

  1. Entries must be received by 23:59 Japan Standard Time on 28th February 2023.
  2. Each entrant may submit one (1) still photograph.
  3. Each photo must be submitted with a completed form in English answering the below requirements:
    1. details about the date and location where the photo was captured;
    2. description of the photo’s content, its context or background (including declaring any staging for artistic or creative ends);
  4. Entries must be submitted as digital files only, in a high-res JPEG format with a maximum file size of 20MB. If selected, entrants must be able to supply images as RAW files or original JPEGs.

Digital specifications

  1. Initial entry: all still photographs must be submitted as JPEGs, saved at a high-quality level with a minimum size of 5MB and up to 20MB. Each image file must be named with your surname, first name and brief title.
  2. Proof of authenticity: original digital camera RAW files will be required if your image is shortlisted. Digital images captured as JPEG are allowed, providing the original un-retouched JPEG is available for inspection. Any work created from more than one original (e.g. stitched images), must be declared as such, and the original captured images should be available for inspection when requested.
  3. Printing: for printing in all media and for inclusion in an exhibition, a high-resolution image (preferably TIFF) may be requested if your image is selected.

Digital adjustment guidelines

  1. The following digital adjustments are allowed:
    1. removal of sensor dust spots and chromatic aberration, and lens vignetting
    2. levels, curves, colour, saturation, contrast work, shadow and highlights, neutral density gradients (in moderation)
    3. cropping, sharpening, including selective sharpening, dodging, burning, and toning (in moderation)
    4. panoramas i.e. panoramas created from several images that have been taken from the same location and at the same time, and then combined or stitched using digital techniques, resulting in a wider view than can be achieved with most wide-angle lenses. (NB: stitched panoramas must be declared in caption information)
    5. multiple exposures are only allowed if this is a feature of the camera and the result is one single file. Entrants must state in the caption if their image is a multiple exposure.
  2. The following digital adjustments are not allowed:
    1. adding or removing animals, parts of animals, plants, distractions, people etc.
    2. composites and sandwich shots that add elements
    3. pixelation
    4. images that have been digitally manipulated outside of the allowed adjustments.

Data protection

We value your privacy and manage the personal data of entrants in order to administer the competition and its associated activities only. Data will be managed according to our privacy policy.


Authorised by J. Lorenz, Action Speaks Louder, Lvl 1, 16A Bolton St, Newcastle, NSW, 2300.