About Us 2

We take action to hold big companies accountable for their climate change promises.

We know time is not on our side.

Scientists agree the climate crisis is hurting us now, not just tomorrow. Burning fossil fuels is causing this crisis.

From extreme weather to food shortages and deaths from air pollution, the impacts of global warming on our health and the planet are devastating. Our future and our children’s future are at stake.

Every action we take now to cut the use of the fossil fuels that cause climate change makes a difference.

We work to make the biggest possible impact.

Most big companies are already promising to stop causing climate change. That’s because ‘sustainability’ is a popular selling point for their customers, staff and investors.

But the gap between what they say and what they do is often vast.

At Action Speaks Louder, our campaigners identify the companies which can make the greatest impact. When these companies stop using fossil fuels and stop blocking the transition to clean energy, the payoff spans the planet.

The companies we focus on.

1. They have a bad influence over governments and global supply chains in essential sectors like transport and retail. They block climate action. Shifting them will catalyze the clean energy transition we need for a safer future.

2. They make the products we use every day, from the moment we cook breakfast to getting dressed for a run to going to work.

3. They need us to profit. No company, no matter how powerful, can operate without its customers. That’s you – that’s us.

We are a global community.

No matter where you live, or your background, or your lifestyle, via Action Speaks Louder you can help make these companies take real action.

That includes things like ending the use of dangerous fossil fuels that cause climate change, and switching to 100% wind and solar power.

We build each Action Speaks Louder campaign upon these four tenets.


We research to find which companies are failing to phase out toxic fossil fuels.


We expose the biggest companies that undermine action on catastrophic climate change. Because when they move, the world moves with them.


We mobilize a vast diversity of people. Together, we pressure these companies to live up to their own commitments.


We win. Our team has extensive experience collaborating with the community to deliver results in campaigns.